Sleepless nights - feeling tired and sleepy,
during the day?

"This is simply an indication that [we] are in need of rest and likely have a 'sleep debt.' Transcendental Meditation provides a profound level of rest and over time it will assist [us] in 'paying off' the 'sleep debt,' leaving [us] feeling more clear-headed and more energetic during the day."

Rd. James Krag, M.D. (Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and president of the Psychiatric Society of Virginia)"

The most frequent cause of sleep deprivation is anxiety and stress.

Japanese Journal of Public Health 37 (10 Suppl.): 729

Scientific research shows that Transcendental Meditation (TM) eliminates tiredness and stress from the nervous system. As a consequence insomnia reduces and normal, restful sleep is restored.

A study carried out by the Japanese National Institute of Industrial Health, established that 427 employees of a large industrial company (Sumitomo Heavy Industries) who learned TM were able to fall asleep more easily after 3 months than the control group of 308 employees at the same work place.

Another study of the effect of TM on insomnia was conducted at the University of Alberta in Canada. A group of insomnia patients was asked to register the average amount of time it took to fall asleep, for 30 days prior to learning TM, and for 30, 60 and 90 days afterwards. The average time dropped from 75.6 minutes to 15 minutes and remained stable at that time.

A subsequent study also showed that in the long term, after 1 year, the time needed to fall asleep remained stable around 15 minutes.

D E Miskiman, Collected Papers, Vol. 1, eds. D.W. Orme-Johnson and J.T. Farrow. New York: M.E.R.U. Press, 1977d

One of the most common causes for sleeping problems is an abnormally low level of serotonin, sometimes called the "happiness hormone". Stress and anxiety inhibits serotonin production in the body.

By creating deep rest to the whole physiology, the practice of Transcendental Meditation increases serotonin levels spontaneously. At the same time, TM reduces the level of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin which cause hyper-activity in the nervous system which also adversely affects the quality of sleep. This results in improved sleep and increased energy, creativity and intelligence during the day.

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What the Media is saying about TM

Time Magazine

BBC News: Meditation lowers blood pressure

"Transcendental meditation may be one way to keep the heart healthy, say researchers who have discovered how it keeps blood pressure low."

FT: Financial Times "Meditate to sharpen your assertive edge"

"TM helps people 'become more dynamic, more focused, more creative and yet not consumed by stress' … 'it's unlikely [aggressive Type-A personalities] will be de-fanged and turned into a Type-B, by meditating. But they might feel less tense'."

The Guardian: Does TM work?

On 1 March 2014, one of the biggest British national daily newspapers, The Guardian, published a long article on the Transcendental Meditation practice. Staff journalist Stuart Heritage approached the topic from a very personal perspective: "First he tried sleep apps, then a flotation tank, then mindfulness – but nothing would stop the chatter in Stuart Heritage's increasingly exhausted mind. Would Transcendental Meditation, currently enjoying a revival, do the trick?"  Peppered by tongue-in-cheek humour, the article has created quite a stir in Britain. According to trustworthy sources, the interest in learning the TM technique has simply skyrocketed in the weeks following the publication of the story.

Time Magazine: TM for PTSD

Time Magazine: TM for PTSD "a peer-reviewed study finds that TM may have helped to alleviate symptoms of PTSD and improve quality of life in veterans of OEF/OIF with combat-related PTSD."

Some successful TM Practitioners




Nicole Kidman


Jim Carrey


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Oprah Winfrey


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Clint Eastwood







TM works for me. I find it profoundly relaxing. I am much less tired than I was a month ago. My sleep is deep and unbroken …"

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, March 2014