Transcending - going beyond the turbulence of the active mind to the silent field of peace within

Deep within everyone is a field of energy and pure creative intelligence that does not change. This field of intelligence governs everything in the entire universe - an apple tree will always grow from an apple seed just as other laws of nature govern the ways in which galaxies are created.

In a very natural way, Transcendental Meditation enables the mind can gain direct access to this field of Nature's intelligence by transcending ("going beyond") thoughts.

Contacting the Source of Thought

During the practise of Transcendental Meditation (TM), thinking becomes quieter and the awareness settles to the source of thought. When thinking is transcended the mind remains fully alert and wide awake in the experience of unbounded awareness. This is the field of Pure Consciousness that the mind can experience. It automatically brings silence, fulfilment, happiness and peace to the mind.

With regular practise of Transcendental Meditation this quality of awareness, or consciousness, begins to transform a stressed and anxiety-ridden nervous system into a normally functioning nervous system and these values of fulfilment and happiness become established in the field of daily activity. Very quickly one's outlook in life can change from one of tiredness, anxiety, stress, headache, insomnia, negativity etc. to one of more energy, happiness, contentment, mental clarity, improved health and positivity.

How TM differs from other techniques

This diagram shows the difference between TM and other types of meditation, such as concentration, contemplation and various mindfulness techniques. These techniques all tend to use the active thinking mind to control thoughts in order to gain some degree of mental restfulness. But, because they all involve maintaining some form of effort, or mental activity, they do not automatically result in a natural "transcending" of the mind. They just re-arrange the scenery within the most active part of the mind.

TM is effortless and transcending is automatic

Transcendental Meditation automatically achieves the goal of transcending and gaining inner happiness - right from the beginning of the practise – without any effort or control on our part. Nature's intelligence, not our own individual intelligence or ego, conducts the process of TM which is why it can only be learned from a properly qualified TM teacher, trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique).

The secret of restful alertness

TM provides a special quality of deep rest, different from that of other types of meditation, ordinary relaxation, and sleep. It is a physiological state of restful alertness, characterised by slow alpha and theta brain waves - as scientifically recorded by electro-encephalogram (EEG) readings - that are fully integrated across the whole brain. Regular practice of TM allows the accumulated effect of stress to be gradually and automatically eliminated, to be replaced by increased energy and mental efficiency.

During Transcendental Meditation, blood vessels tend to relax and dilate, improving blood flow, and chemicals associated with stress and anxiety, such as cortisol and lactic acid, decrease. This is the basis of the increased creativity, improved cognitive performance, and holistic development of personality seen in regular TM practitioners.

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