Creativity and unlocking your inner intelligence

Creativity is the art of creation, the ability to manifest something out of original thought. Creative problem solving is a skill that is used for everything in all walks of life. Creativity is not just for the actor, artist, film-maker, potter, and writer. It is for everyone. We need creative solutions to solve every day, personal, professional and business challenges.

Enhanced Intelligence and Creativity

Creativity is the process of manifesting intelligence through the application of thought. It is a function of thinking. Transcendental Meditation has been found to greatly enhance the flow of creativity and the production of innovative designs and solutions by strengthening the foundation of the thinking process.

It's like watering the root of the plant. Do this one thing and all aspects of the plant will thrive. Nourish the source of thoughts and our thinking is naturally stronger, more creative and supportive of spontaneous right action.

Creativity: the Flow of Nature's Intelligence.

Creativity has its basis in our deepest level of intelligence, which is the inexhaustible reservoir of Nature's intelligence. Every thought we have starts here. The practise of Transcendental Meditation (TM) enlivens Nature's intelligence within our own individual intelligence on a daily basis.

When we practise TM, our thinking becomes more refined and the mind is able to ‘transcend' thoughts and come to complete rest in the infinite field of Nature's intelligence. The experience is like ‘coming back home' to our innermost nature.

This is a very fulfilling and empowering experience for the mind with the result that we come out of meditation with enhanced creativity, more clarity of mind and higher levels of energy due to removal of stress from the nervous system. This leads to better efficiency in action and more success and happiness in life.

Improved Intelligence, Creativity & IQ.

Many ‘before TM and after TM' scientific studies conducted with high school and tertiary students show that Transcendental Meditation has a very positive effect on all aspects of brain functioning, including better focus and concentration, improved memory, learning ability and IQ - resulting higher levels of achievement.

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