Enjoy deep rest and freedom from anxiety

Transcendental Meditation balances negative emotions like fear and anxiety so life becomes more fulfilling and mind and body enjoys improved all-round health.

"Anxiety in all its various forms will generally respond well to Transcendental Meditation. Even in those people already receiving treatment for anxiety, adding TM to the mix often means that their drug levels can be lowered as their response improves."

Dr Norman Rosenthal, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, previously NIMH Senior Researcher, author of "Transcendence".

Transcendental Meditation – the facts

Whether anxiety has resulted from stressful or overwhelming events or circumstances, or whether it has accumulated over time, regular practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) eliminates deep rooted stresses so that dealing with life's challenges does not result in anxiety and depression.

A comparative study, involving 1,295 people with high anxiety, found TM was more effective than other methods at reducing anxiety. The effect was greatest among people with the highest levels of long-term anxiety.

How does TM Eliminate Anxiety?

Transcendental Meditation creates a state of deep rest in the nervous system which is profoundly deeper than ordinary rest and relaxation - and even deeper than the rest achieved during sleep. This allows the brain and physiology to naturally replace the over-produced stress hormones of cortisol and blood lactate with life supporting bio-chemicals such as plasma prolactin (essential for healthy metabolism and regulation of the immune system) and phenylalanine (the body's natural analgesic and anti-depressant).

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